Keith has been working in the English gun trade for over 25 years making bespoke shotguns, double rifles and bolt rifles as well as being well known for “the black art” of double rifle regulating and serves as a free-lance Actioner to many of Britain’s best-quality gunmakers.

Keith grew up in Africa and spent his childhood in safari camps, listening to his father’s clients discussing the merits of some of the world’s greatest guns and rifles - those made by James Purdey & Sons, Holland & Holland, Westley Richards & Co, and John Rigby & Co. “Since then,” Keith says, “I have been fortunate enough to apprentice and work at two of London’s most prestigious gunmakers John Rigby and Co, and at James Purdey & Sons, and also served as foreman at Westley Richards & Co in Birmingham.”

A shooter and avid hunter since childhood, it wasn’t long in life before Keith discovered his “sole ambition would be to make quality shotguns and rifles”.

Keith took an apprenticeship at Rigby’s in 1994 by then-owner Paul Roberts. When Rigby’s was sold in 1998, Keith moved to James Purdey & Sons where for the following nine years he specialised in building shotguns, bolt-rifles, and regulating double rifles, as well as learning double-gun actioning under Phil Butcher, one of the most experienced and highly regarded Purdey craftsmen.

Westley Richards & Co recruited Keith as Foreman where he spent 8 years and was instrumental in reintroducing the firm’s formal apprenticeship program as well as developing Westley’s new sidelock double rifle.

Independent specialist in making bespoke shotguns, double rifles and bolt rifles. He also carries out general repairs, servicing, restorations and alterations on all British, European and American guns.